“दिव्यांश ज्योतिष् केंद्र” 
आपका हार्दिक स्वागत एवं अभिनंदन करता है।
Romance & Marriage Astrology
Want a happy married life? Our matchmaking analysis can predict what's right just for you.
Education Astrology
Higher studies on your mind? We can be your guide to make sure you get the best education.
Business Astrology
Wish to expand your business but worried you might not do well? We help you with the solutions.
Wealth Astrology
Are you suffering from monetary losses? Doshas in your horoscope? Get the right solution here.
Career Astrology
The right career advice at the right time can help you to choose a career to suit your personality.
Onsite Vastu consultation
Our onsite vastu consultation provides you with accurate, authentic & effective vastu services.
Sometimes the horoscope becomes wrong due to many reasons such as clock disturbances, difference in local time or sun time, high-altitude cities of the earth, difference of sunrise or for any reason often make horoscopes wrong.
The perfect gravity (toughness and accurate flexibility) of planets situated in your horoscope give 100/% positive results in your life. Gemstones are very important to give positive effects to your planets.
Judicial Astrology
The main cause of the above problems is the adverse effects of the planetary constellations, the condition and the atmosphere in our horoscope.
Foreign Tour
Traveling somewhere far or from one place to another can save you from any untoward thinking of traveling, though the destiny that is written is fixed but some changes can be made in the ancient sages in India.
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